"Creatively put together pictures of Irish public houses for a trip down memory lane for those who have done a pub crawl. No memories? Then a wonderful little book that will make you wish you had some and perhaps entice you to visit Ireland. The author includes a few antedotes about pubs and laments technologies that exclude commaraderie, good conversation, and a refreshing ale or lager. Pubs have unique charaters developed over hundreds of years of social interaction. Readers are invited to find a pub named after them. This book has a clever and intriguing format and easily rates five stars." John K., Tennessee.

"Like Irish beer? Drink up...and know where you'll be drinking when you get to Ireland. Pictures of pubs galore! Maybe even find your namesake pub, as the author did. A variation of McCarthy's 8th Rule of Travel: "Never Pass a Pub That Has Your Name on it!" So don't pass this one up; buy it!!" Bill B., Chicago, IL.

"What a fun book to have on the coffee table or to ship to friends whose names appear in the pages. We've visited Ireland many times and regret not have captured these wonderful treasures. This book did it for us. Bring on Volume II!" by Irish Pubs


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